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About Knapp

How We Started

As a senior executive for the largest testing company in the U.S., Knapp's founder, Joan Knapp, discovered that in order to be successful, certification programs needed more than what a testing company could offer. More than a psychometrically sound examination. More than a legally defensible process. They needed sound business strategy, careful risk assessment, and trusted guidance. Joan created Knapp to provide these services. All together now: Thanks, Joan!

What We Believe

Guiding Principles. Core Values. Those labels sound so hopelessly cliché. Instead, we offer you the things we 100%, completely, wholeheartedly believe in.

  • Certification is not always the right solution. We know when it is. And we'll tell you.
  • Making your program psychometrically sound and legally defensible is the easy part. It's the business of certification that’s hard.
  • There is always competition in certification. The winners know it when they see it. The losers see it when they lose.
  • You can never eliminate risk, but you can manage it. And we can help.
  • Adhering to standards makes a program technically sound. Seeing beyond the "rules" makes a program successful.
  • Success is not always measured in candidate and certificant volumes. We'll figure out what success means for you.
KNAPP - Our experience. Your success.
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