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Sometimes you just can't wait. When you need new ideas, tips and tools – and you needed them yesterday – this is the page to visit. Go ahead and bookmark it right now. You'll be glad you did.

This is the place to find:

  • quick reads with new ideas and helpful tips;
  • tools to make your job easier, including worksheets, checklists and ready-to-go handouts; and
  • convenient links to important industry resources and publications.

Check out our board member and candidate/certificant resources, including board handouts and explanations of psychometric concepts that real people can understand.

And don't forget the Test Your Certification IQ section, for quizzes and case studies to test your knowledge of certification (and that of your board and volunteers).

Check in from time to time, new resources and tools are added on a regular basis.

Resources and tools cover the following topics:

Audit of a Certification Program 
Certification Program Audit Checklist

Business Planning and Strategy 
Certificant Lifecycle Model 
Finding New Revenue Sources 
10 Strategic Conversations for Certification Programs 
Is it Time to Give Your Certification Program a Facelift? 
Prescriptions for Rejuvenating Your Certification Program 
Components of a Certification Program Business Plan
Microcredentials: Is Small the Next Big Thing?

Certificate Programs
What’s Wrong with Certificate Programs?
Getting Started in the Certificate Business (A Primer for Certifiers)
Distinctions Between Certification and Certificate Programs

Discontinuing a Certification Program 
Is Euthanasia the Answer for Your Credential?

Global Certification 
Is Global Expansion Feasible for Your Program? 
Exporting Your Credential 
Professional Certification in the Asia Pacific Region

Best Practices in Certification Program Oversight

Legal Issues 
Certification Programs: Understanding Legal Risks 
Rate Your Risk: Is Your Certification Program Legally Vulnerable? 
Avoiding Legal Potholes 
Getting the Most from Your Attorney

Management of Certification Programs 
Tips for a Win-Win RFP Process 
Conducting an RFP Process 
Questions to Ask When Evaluating Proposals from CBT Vendors 
Planning for a Conversion to CBT 
Marketing and Communicating the CBT Conversion 
Questions to Ask When Considering or Planning for a Transition to CBT

Marketing and Branding 
How to Develop a Certification Program Marketing Plan
Marketing Your Certification Program 
Word of Mouth Marketing for Your Certification Program 
Branding Basics: What Every Certification Sponsor Should Know  
Questions to Ask When Assessing Your Certification Brand 
Demonstrating the Value of a Certification Program 

Psychometrics and Examination/Assessment Development 
Competency-Based Assessment: Is it Right for You? 
Practice Analysis: What, Why, and How? 
Checklist for the Review of Multiple-Choice Questions 
The Zombie Item: A Tale of Terror
NCCA Standards for Accreditation of Certification Programs 
NCCA Sample Accreditation Application

Starting a Certification Program 
Five Questions to Ask Before You Launch a Certification Program 
Are You Ready for Certification?

Test Your Certification IQ 
Certification Program Pitfalls and Blunders: Case Studies to Test Your Knowlege

Board Member and Candidate/Certificant Resources 
Cheat Sheet on Psychometric Terminology 
ICE Guide to Understanding Credentialing Concepts 
ICE Guide to Credentialing Terminology 
Use Recertification to Jump Start Your Professional Development (for candidates/certificants) 
Tips for Leveraging Your Credential (for candidates/certificants)

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