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What We Do

Service Overview

We take faltering programs and make them successful. We take successful programs and make them even better. We make the world a better place to live. Well, that may be stretching it. But we do know how to help you.

Knapp is a consulting firm specializing in the development and revitalization of professional credentialing programs. Since 1989 we have been one of the most sought-after providers of strategic advisory services in the industry. Translation: When it comes to establishing or enhancing your credentialing program, we should be your first choice.

Services Offered

Creating a New Credential (or Thinking About It)?
Whether you’re considering launching your first credential or adding a new product to your credential portfolio, our research and consulting services provide you with data and guidance to make the right decisions at each stage of the exploration and start-up process. LEARN MORE

Not Sure What Type of Credential to Offer?
Today, the question is not just, “Should we offer a credential?” but also, “What type of credential should we offer? Options include micro-credentials, assessment-based certificate programs and professional certifications. Together we’ll determine what type of credential best meets the needs of the market and also aligns with your mission and business goals.

Is Your Credential in Decline or Not Living Up to Expectations?
The first step is to identify the root causes of the problem. Our Certification Vital Signs Diagnostic assessment is an excellent tool for jumpstarting this process. Next, we’ll help you determine whether revitalization of your program is both possible and feasible. Sometimes, it’s not. If you decide to pull the plug on your credential, we’ll guide you in doing this as painlessly as possible.

Considering a New Strategic Direction or a Change in Your Credential?
We’ll provide advice and serve as a sounding board through our Knapp on Demand service, which provides rapid access to our expert consultants. Or we’ll conduct custom research and analysis to inform your decision making

Wondering How to Optimize Your Success?
Use our Certification Vital Signs Diagnostic assessment to help you smartly prioritize what to do next with your program.

Want to Stay Ahead of the Curve (and Your Competition)?
Consumer, societal, technology and education trends are influencing how customers think about credentials – what they believe a credential should look like and how they assess its ultimate value. We are seeing signs that the market wants something different from traditional credentials. You’ve probably seen these signs too.

And there’s more competition. Most certifiers with long histories can remember a time when they had the monopoly. Now, few can claim to be the only game in town. Add to this challenge the appearance of new types of credentials and new types of credential providers (e.g., nano-degrees from Udacity).

Our Future of Certification briefings and workshops spotlight trends which should be on your radar screen and help you to apply these trends to position your program for future success. LEARN MORE

We've told you a bit about what we do – here's how we do it. Knapp consultants include specialists in competitive analysis, business strategy, pricing, marketing/branding, and new product development – all geared to the credentialing community. Each of our consultants has at least 15 years of experience. In other words, we know this stuff.

What's Our Secret? 

We follow a simple philosophy (At least, it seems simple to us): 

  • Know the latest industry developments and challenges.
  • Track the latest business trends and practices and adapt them for professional credentialing programs.
  • Lead the way in finding the right answers.
  • Guide our clients through the process as painlessly as possible.
  • Deliver on our promises with integrity.

This is the approach that enables us to help our clients discover their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. To achieve a clear vision of the market for their credential. To identify the best strategic option and manage associated risk. And to chart a course to sustained program growth and financial success.

KNAPP - Our experience. Your success.
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