about knapp

With us, you’ll always get original thinking, not a generic, by-the-numbers approach

  • We tell the truth as we see it, even if we think you won’t like hearing it. There’s no hidden agenda of selling you something else in the future.
  • You’ll come away with enlightening, yet practical insights to help you find a new path to success.
  • We’ll be your guide to balancing tradition with the innovation needed to prepare for the future.
  • We listen closely. Our clients say we’re great sounding boards.
  • And last, but definitely not least, we’re fun to work with!

Lenora G. Knapp, PhD, President

A late-blooming non-traditionalist, avid trend spotter, and invited speaker on all things new and innovative, Lenora works with organizations to design (and redesign) learning and credentialing products that will delight their customers.

Lenora is a second-generation certification consultant, which makes her the fortunate beneficiary of two lifetimes of consulting experience in the field. She is an industry-leading author and a recipient of I.C.E.’s prestigious Industry Leadership Award for innovation in the field of professional credentialing.